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The appraisal process itself includes arranging a time to meet, travel time to your location,
taking pictures of all aspects of the vehicle and doing a careful inspection to document features,
options and condition.

We will discuss with you the background history, special features and changes or restoration
steps that have occurred over the time you have owned it, as well as by previous owners if
possible. We will also confirm Registration, Serial numbers and Codes, so be sure these are
available. Then we will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, documenting this with written notes and approx. 150 photographs. 
This process usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

We will then prepare a detailed, professional report that includes a valuation based, whenever
possible, on reference guides and current similar vehicles sold or found for sale.
The goal is to provide a fair market value for your vehicle so that you can properly insure it, or to
have a valuation for the many other purposes noted in the appraisal and value-types section of this site.

Typed and finished reports are sent to the owner usually within a week and a signed PDF is provided as well along with approx. 12 signed and dated photographs, meeting the national standard for collector car appraisals. It is your option to provide a copy to your insurance company.
It is recommended that the appraisal be updated every 3 to 5 years in order to account for improvements made to the vehicle, market changes, etc. (discounted rate)

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